COMET Group has achieved a recovery rate for end-of-life vehicles (ELV) of over 95%!

The COMET Group and its figures

  • COMET Group processes 1,200,000 tonnes/year
  • COMET Group employs 350 people
  • COMET Group has a turnover of 350,000,000 euros


The COMET Group and its industrial sites

COMET Group has 2 production sites

  • a 10 hectare site at Châtelet
  • a 30 hectare site at Obourg

COMET Group has 4 export sites

  • the site at Ghent (Belgium) is used for loading 50,000 tonne boats
  • the site at Brussels (Belgium) is used for loading 5,000 tonne boats
  • the site at Arles (France) is used for loading 2,500 tonne boats

COMET Group has 8 collection sites for private people

  • 4 collection sites in Belgium (Châtelet et Brussels, Tournai et Obourg)
  • 4 collection sites in France (Denain, Wasquehal, La Chapelle d’Armentières et Paris)

The COMET Group and its facilities

COMET Group also has

  • 1 processing plant for heavy shredder residues and 1 processing plant for light shredder residues
  • 1 recycling plant for plastics obtained from shredder residues
  • 1 catalytic cracking plant (for converting end shredder residues into liquid fuels)
  • 1 plant for processing refrigerators (Chambéry – France)

COMET Group has 2 shredders

  • a 7,000hp shredder capable of processing 300t/h (input)
  • a 3,000hp shredder capable of processing 120t/h (input)