Sorting tyres.

When sorting used tyres, various options become possible: second-hand market or recovery (granulation, cement plant, …) after being calibrated in the shredder.

In 2002 the COMET Group tackled the used tyres market so as to make sure they do not end up in illegal dump sites.
Today the COMET Group offers a wide range of services for all kinds of tyres:

  • 1 collection service covering the entire Belgian territory and its border areas.
  • 1 sorting service so as to provide access to the second-hand market for tyres that can be covered or still can be used.
  • 1 processing service by fragmentation/shredding in view of recovery/optimized recycling.


The Comet Group


Offer endless possibilities to recycled materials.

We are a Belgian, family-owned industrial group active in the trading of ferrous, non-ferrous and derived metals.


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The Comet Group

Rivage de Boubier 25
B – 6200 Châtelet

+32 71 24 38 38

+32 71 39 33 08


Our activities

Ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals

End-of-life vehicles (ELV)

Waste electrical and electronic equipment


Shredder residues

Plastics issued from shredder residues


With infinity as a driving force, we realize significant industrial projects in human benefits,
social and ecological, perpetually.

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