GGR Recycling (ex-Comet Brussels), separate and independent from Groupe COMET

Groupe COMET wishes to clarify the existing situation between Groupe COMET entities and GGR Recycling, ex-Comet Brussels: the latter company has been pursuing its activities separately and independently since July 2021. The collection network set up by GGR Recycling has no connection with Groupe COMET and is its sole responsibility. GGR therefore has no mandate to make purchases on behalf of Groupe COMET.

Your contacts within Groupe COMET are always part of group companies which are either CometSambre or another entity such as Comet Traitements, Recymet, Recycar, VM Recycling, CTR, Ecofer, Covanord, Comet Sercices, etc. For the record, here are the group’s locations :

Groupe COMET offers you a wide range of services, from collection on our worksites or your sites – all types of metal waste are taken care of – to vehicle depollution and tyre collection. COMET has one of the best recovery rates in the sector, a necessity today given current legislation and the growing importance of ESG criteria.

In the hope that this has cleared up any possible confusion, the entire management and teams remain at your disposal should you have any questions, so that we can continue to work together in the best possible way, with complete clarity and efficiency.

Yours sincerely

Pierre-François BAREEL, CEO

Your contacts :

The Comet Group


Offer endless possibilities to recycled materials.

We are a Belgian, family-owned industrial group active in the trading of ferrous, non-ferrous and derived metals.


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The Comet Group

Rivage de Boubier 25
B – 6200 Châtelet

+32 71 24 38 38

+32 71 39 33 08

Our activities

Ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals

End-of-life vehicles (ELV)

Waste electrical and electronic equipment


Shredder residues

Plastics issued from shredder residues

With infinity as a driving force, we realize significant industrial projects in human benefits,
social and ecological, perpetually.

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