Non-ferrous metals

Our subsidiaries purchase and sort ….

Our subsidiaries purchase and sort copper and copper alloys, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel alloys, stainless steel, electric motors or other cables. At our various sites our operators strictly supervise the quality of materials control.

Our clients are both companies and individuals, based all over the world.

Please contact the commercial team for more information: as from a certain quantity we organize the transport for our suppliers.


The Comet Group


Offer endless possibilities to recycled materials.

We are a Belgian, family-owned industrial group active in the trading of ferrous, non-ferrous and derived metals.


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The Comet Group

Rivage de Boubier 25
B – 6200 Châtelet

+32 71 24 38 38

+32 71 39 33 08

Our activities

Ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals

End-of-life vehicles (ELV)

Waste electrical and electronic equipment


Shredder residues

Plastics issued from shredder residues


With infinity as a driving force, we realize significant industrial projects in human benefits,
social and ecological, perpetually.

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