Waste electrical and electronic equipment

We process 3 major categories of WEEE.

We process 3 types of WEEE.

  • White household equipment: washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, boilers…
  • Small household equipment (SHE): micro-waves, computers, toaster, iron…
  • Refrigeration equipment: refrigerator, freezer…

All of these materials are subject to a specific manual treatment before shredding: dismantling of hazardous components (condensers, mercury-containing light bulbs, neon tubes, cells and batteries, toner cartridges, asbestos-containing elements, etc.) and components with a high content value (printed circuits, processors, computer hard drives, coolers, etc.).

In the specific case of refrigerators, gases and liquids are carefully captured in view of decontamination.

High-value printed circuits
Cells and batteries


The Comet Group


Offer endless possibilities to recycled materials.

We are a Belgian, family-owned industrial group active in the trading of ferrous, non-ferrous and derived metals.


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The Comet Group

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Our activities

Ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals

End-of-life vehicles (ELV)

Waste electrical and electronic equipment


Shredder residues

Plastics issued from shredder residues


With infinity as a driving force, we realize significant industrial projects in human benefits,
social and ecological, perpetually.

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